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Race Day: November 10 2018

Marathon Recovery

Marathon Recovery

Breaking Wind

Research on the Effects of Wind on Running

Mental Toughness

The Psychology of Mental Toughness

The Beginning of Taper

Taper Mistakes

Week Fourteen Technical Article

Going to the Well...

Week Thirteen Technical Article

How to Become a Recovery Machine

Week Twelve Technical Article

Are you focused on the wrong training numbers?

Week Eleven Technical Article

How do energy gels work?

Week Ten Technical Article

What's the Long Run for?

Week Nine Technical Article

Don't be Dependent on your Garmin

Week Eight Technical Article

Healthy Feet

Week Seven Technical Articles

Run By Feel

Week Six Technical Articles

Recovery and DOMS

Week Five Technical Articles



Cross-Train like a Triathlete

Week Four Technical Articles

 Head For the Hills

Week Three Technical Articles

 Training Pace

Week Two Technical Articles

The ABCs of Aquarunning

Aquajogging for Runners

Week One Technical Articles

Talk Test

Dewpoint chart