Marathon Training Team

Race Day: November 10 2018

Our goal is to foster your running.

Here are some Weekday Groups that would welcome additional runners.


When: Wednesdays at 6:15pm

Where: The corner of Monument and Boulevard on the steps of First Baptist Church

Who: During MTT, we will have 3 routes each week - a shorter 3 mile route, a medium length route that follows the MTT novice mileage schedule, and a longer route that follows the MTT intermediate mileage schedule.
What: We organize SAGs during August, September and October.  BONUS: We don't take ourselves too seriously and tap off each run with some food and beverages at a Fan establishment.

Everyone is welcome! Large group with a huge range of paces and ages. This is a fun group for both newcomers and experienced runners.

Contact: To get the routes for the week:

·  Visit our website -

·  Check us out on Facebook -

·  or Sign up for our mailing list -

Find out more about the group at

Fan Foxes (map)

When:  Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at 6:00AM (generally- as we get into longer distances time is adjusted)

Where:  William Fox Elementary School, Hanover Avenue

Who:  Pace between 8:30 and 10:00 per mile depending on who shows up

What:  Running

Contact:  [email protected] - the Fan Foxes Facebook group is used for communication of routes/times/social events 

Rogue Runners (map)

When: Tuesdays and Thursdays at 5:30AM 

Where: Starbucks at Libbie and Grove 

Who: Various speeds between 7:30 per mile and 8:30 per mile 

What: One hour run (~7miles) routes: or

Contact: Chuck McBride – [email protected] 

Midlo Mafia- "We Run These Streets" (map)

When:  Tuesday and Thursday at 5:45 AM 

Where: Midlo YMCA- sidewalk to your right as you enter the parking lot

Who:  3 to 4 miles at all paces per mile


We Run Carytown-Midweek Long Run (map)

When:  Wednesday at 6:00 PM 

Where: Former Martin's/Ukrops in Carytown

Who:  MTT Novice and Intermediate Midweek Long Run Distances


Downtown YMCA Group (map)

When:  Wednesday at 5:15 PM 

Where: Downtown YMCA

Who:  Mid-week long run at 8:30-9:00 per mile

Contact:  Elliott Rose (804) 513-2210 or [email protected] OR Rich Letter ‭(804) 301-9731‬