Marathon Training Team

Race Day: November 10 2018

Final Group Run
(??.?? miles)


Leave the parking lot running towards the racing dog depot

Head for the James River

“It’s a good thing” to turn Left on the street named similarly to this crafty perfectionist

Turn Right on this not very tall dessert cake street

Left on a street with the same name as a line of British Monarchs (also a county in VA)

Swing Right like Tarzan on this creeping plant

If the Pink team was an English rock band you would turn Left here

Virginia is home to this famous stew named after the county it was created in. Stir clockwise.

They say there is one in every town, turn Left on this primary street

Take a Right for these Washington D.C. trees known for their beautiful blossoms


Enter an area with the same name as an area in Los Angeles

Find the graves of three presidents

Return on the street named for a small red fruit


I Grant you he was a fine actor, so don’t forget to turn Right at his first name

Left on a street named for what they gave winners at the Olympics in Ancient Greece

Left on the street with the same name as the inventor of bifocals

Left for the actor whose archeologist character said, “it’s not the years, it’s the mileage.”

Head in the same direction as the name of this compass related street

The Redskins have three of these trophies with an “i”, turn Right

Go West on the avenue for the famous valley on the Arizona–Utah border

Head North on this noble and kind girl’s name

In NYC it’s a wide way to see some famous plays, turn Left.

Unscrambles these letters and you’ll know where to turn Right… MVD

Turn Left when you’ve removed the “s” from this reindeer powered vehicle

At the cinema property, head towards that which is a girl’s best friend


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